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Micro Focus Cobol: Explained

January 9, 2012

Micro Focus Cobol has been in existence for a long time. And the use of this programming language has been proven to be helpful in managing transactions. Mainly for finance transactions and administrative tasks, the Cobol has an unquestioned functionality. With Micro Focus Cobol, such functionality is much more simplified and made available to multiple platforms and versatile enough for system integration to whatever present framework a business utilizes.

Micro Focus Cobol introduces the Visual COBOL R3. What makes this software package different is that it allows integration of Cobol applications to different platforms including the most advanced ones. Because of this, developers no longer need to require codes when performing software migration of the applications to their current framework. Micro Focus Cobol can be extended without trouble to the business’ current mainframe and platform in use. This may be far from the competition that focuses on developing Cobol codes for business and finance applications. But Micro Focus Cobol concentrated on the versatility and freedom of use of the program. In this way, it is much easier to manipulate and integrate.

Micro Focus Cobol is designed to work well with modern and widely used platforms such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET framework and Java Virtual Machine. It is also made to be compatible with the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. Users are given the choice whether to work in the Visual Studio 2010 or the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Integration of Micro Focus Cobol to other platforms does not require any rewriting of codes. This saves a lot of time, energy and resources on development and testing is the integration works or otherwise.

The language design of Cobol appears to be verbose as others people take notice. But this works to a significant advantage of using the programming language. As such, its use is not only limited to well trained programmers but also people who may not be as highly technical. These are the non-programmers who may not have an at par knowledge in this matter but need the program too. Because of this, they can easily read and understand the language. The bottom line is, a user does not have to be highly technical in programming to be able to learn his way around the programming language. Because it was designed for readability, anyone will be able to design and build code programs or be able to maintain software systems as well.

So within the company, the information technology people or the programmer are not the only ones who can perform system maintenance. It empowers the non technical half of the business to be able to perform the task as well whenever they see fit. And businesses themselves have to be able to recognize such a significant advantage.

Micro Focus Cobol is considered an industry leader and with good reason. Its continuous effort to make the programming language versatile and user friendly is commendable. This is mostly beneficial to small businesses that struggle to survive their much bigger competition. Both are then empowered to compete equally in the industry by being able to cope with its demands and requirements.

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