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January 9, 2012

Micro Focus Cobol is used widely in businesses particularly in the field of finance or managing administrative systems in companies. But the use of this language is not just limited to businesses. It also includes that of the governments.

Noted as a widely used programming language, Cobol stands for Common Business-Oriented Language. And since it was first introduced, the language has been continuously evolving so that it can cater to the changing times and needs of business industries as well. And Micro Focus Cobol is leading the way to making this as useful and helpful as possible in conducting business operations and handling transactions.

Micro Focus attempts to ensure that what they create will serve as a service oriented architecture in software and languages that will be compatible with any existing platform used by a particular business. Micro Focus Cobol system integration is easy. The language is made to be compatible with current business frameworks. Whether it is .Net or JVM, C# or Java, Micro Focus Cobol can work with it, making the transition and integration as easy and smooth as possible.

Micro Focus Cobol answers to the demands of finance and administrative tasks handling. This is why they are engineered for fast file handling. As expected, they are also compliant with Exec SQL and ANSI 85.

By allowing users to integrate Cobol programs to personal computers, Micro Focus Cobol adds to user friendliness. Large corporations do employ much more powerful and equally expensive mainframes and have no problem using Cobol programs. But for small businesses and recent start ups, this can be a problem as they employ limited facilities. For this reason, Micro Focus aims to provide a solution by making it possible to write the program and have it accessible and executable to personal computers.

The changing times with the evolutionary technology forces businesses to be at part with their respective competition. Such cannot be done and will not be possible if they do not employ efficient facilities. This includes running their transactions on an accurate and reliable framework. This after all, is the heart of the business. However, this is particularly difficult for small businesses who have a very limited resource including managing their business transactions. But with developments such as the Micro Focus Cobol, which is versatile, can help small businesses integrate it to their existing systems.

The Visual Cobol for instance, is compatible with Linux and Unix servers. As such, it can be accessed to the desktop wherein compiling and debugging codes can be easy and manageable. With this kind of tool set up, Visual Cobol helps increase productivity by eliminating time spent on developing and testing. Because Cobol Applications can be easily utilized and integrated to any type of platform whatever the business may currently employ.

Overall, Micro Focus Cobol enhances the way of doing business. There is no doubt about the Cobol language’s usefulness but Micro Focus changes the way businesses work as it makes more tools and features available. Such tools not only prove to be helpful but convenient to utilize tool.

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