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Micro Focus Cobol Modernization– Using Commented Source Codes

December 15, 2011

Software modernization has grown popular in information technology as the solution to extend and enhance aging database capabilities and efficiency with the goal of retaining its old functionality. Hence, while converting into a new platform, software modernizations extend the value of the legacy. One example of this is the micro focus cobol. Migrating COBOL into non-CICS application to CICS application or vice versa or converting COBOL to many other programs and modules is one of the features legacy conversion that has been largely practiced by computer engineers today to avail of greater benefits, larger cost effectivity, and faster runtime performance.
Replacing old database system or file system manually has been known to be time-consuming but choosing the appropriate COBOL converter will actually eliminate concerns. The most effective COBOL conversion today can are done through automated converters. Most of them are sold online but others are simply offered for free and can be downloaded through speedy internet. A good converter then allows Micro Focus COBOL conversion to tolerate new computer programs to process a new relational database model, successful replacement of non-CICS application to CICS application, or successful conversion of COBOL interface. With this, conversion should be at the right scale in order to be free from runtime errors in the future.
Computer programmers and engineers usually convert COBOL or eliminate COBOL completely as computer their user interface for any reasons. First, conversion is done to upgrade an existing computer interface or application and enhance greater and easier features and accessibility. Furthermore, engineers opt to COBOL conversion to dodge or control cost and complexity. For instance, converting completely into a new and modern computer language like Java is more affordable and clever than doubling the memory capacity which actually require few dollars to purchase brand new and more sophisticated hardware. Micro Focus COBOL conversion, basically poses advantage especially in the military system wherein the need to keep track on various relevant data needs a speedy and very reliable application.
COBOL is one of the greatest technology innovations that allow non-programmers like supervisors, managers, and ordinary users to understand COBOL codes by containing English structures of verbs, clauses, and sentences. In fact, COBOL’s readability has posed advantage in the maintenance process which makes this older program become so much valuable to some business paradigms. However with the emerging complexity and the rising demands of information technology, this user interface has slowly began to become obsolete. This is when programmers and non-programmers decide for service oriented architecture to understand of its syntactic elements and meet the criteria for a successful software modernization. In general, COBOL conversion as one significant elements and relevant example of innovative legacy conversions has lead consumers to take part on more enhanced and faster computer service apart from plain and simple programming style.


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