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SOA: An Explanation

January 9, 2012

SOA, or what we call Service Oriented Architecture, says that it is possible for a set systems or standards to operate independently using their own unique systems and yet be able to connect with each other without any problems at all.

Technology has way to over complicate a simple task that requires a complicated answer. It may sound like gibberish, but think of it this way, without the interconnected systems of computers that make it possible for computers of different operating systems, different application software, different standard operating procedures and various hardware interconnections, can internet be possible? SOA proposes that it is.

The only problem with SOA is that it is still a hotly debated system that still has no standard to work with. Currently, there are systems that are running that operate like the SOA but with a few differences. These differences related directly on how these systems run and how they interconnect with one another.

Unfortunately, most people do not know what the implication of SOA is on their internet. Like normal Janes and Joes out there, the only thing that we are concerned about is the internet that they use and never bother about how the internet really work or how they even get the internet into their computers in the first place.

What SOA is can be analogous to how the different parts or modules of an engine work. By themselves, these modules will not do anything else except lie there on the table and wait. But assembled properly and powered up, these individual engine modules work as one in transforming gasoline into workable power that drives the wheels and makes the car go forward.

Like the proverbial engine of a car, the SOA defines what can be used in interconnecting different systems so that even though each and every system that can be interconnected with each other operates independently from one another, they still have that special ability to communicate with different systems and exchange information without having to use a translator.

Ever wondered why when you play online games in your personal computer that you cannot play against people who play on an Xbox or PS3? This is because of the fact that each of these entertainment systems use different databases and servers for their use. Any attempt to interconnect any single one of them will result of headaches for the programmers. Not only will have to make sure of a standard database for the accounts of the users, the game also has to be made in a standard way to enable the tracking of the different users that are playing online. SOA attempts to use system integration using a common standard for communicating with any differing systems and making it possible to interact with previously incompatible systems flawlessly.

How they propose to do this is to rework how systems are presently being configured to interconnect with each other. SOA has its own set of standards that are being worked out so that all current programming languages can be used to create compatible systems that is able to connect with a differing system directly and not use a separate software altogether to get itself connected with other systems.

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